Adventure America

The Days Between Worlds

21:28Meg Cowan

Have I mentioned I have champion flyers? These darlings of mine take every flight in their stride. They would rather fly than drive. It is a great relief to know when you're looking down the barrel of another 12hrs in the air.

Before we swapped this candy coated world of the USA for Spain we touched down briefly in LA and we were again fortunate enough to spend some time at Disneyland. We rode all the standard rides they loved last time, Dumbo and the Tea cups etc, but E and G were so much braver this time and with G intent on 'freaking Mum out' he rode on rides I never thought he would be ready to face, or me either for that matter. Breaking down my fear of what I could and couldn't do we plunged into darkness, splashed through carefully charted thrills and raced around tracks at extreme angles.

It was busy full days but such a delight to see my children pushing themselves to try new things.

With all that done and dusted it was time to board the plane again. Given that this trip is a sizeable gamble with alot of unknowns, we felt good to know that Lufthansa were helping our children with this transistion, thanks to their inflight kids activity kits. 

Also, thanks to Lufthansa and their nicely priced fares, we were to spend the next 12 hours of our life in close quarters with what appeared to be a German retirement village, complete with hacking wet coughs. Strangely one of my fabulous flyers spent the last hour of that in the airplane bathroom, me crouched at his feet holding a sick bag. #mumlife.

Yet despite the pale face, wretching, the stench and hacking coughs, it was actually a great flight and and after a short wait between trips, we boarded our Frankfurt to Barcelona leg, unsure of what was in store on the other side.

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