A Raft of Words

20:20Meg Cowan

Floating in a sea of words is where I feel most at home.

Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in them. Thoughts in my head swirling and I reach up for air.
Gasping I clutch at two or three and put them into another sentence. Slowly I lash them together to build a life raft.

Then I take some more and bind them together. I make oars that propel me, giving direction and I rush on this swiftly moving river of words.

Words move us to places. Words lift us up. Words help us realise we can change the direction that our life flows. Words create and give life or they can tear it all down.

Words are my blood and soul. My light and flow.
For years I’ve used words to tell myself a story.

Sick was an all consuming word.
It swallowed up the smaller ones that got it it’s way. The ones like home and family and work. The ones like happy and peaceful. Like godzilla ‘sick’ rampaged through my body, taking years and energy and life itself from my cells.

But one day, someone sent me a message. It was as if salvation found me on a cold winters night. Because everything that has ever come to be, began with words.

Their words, echoed in my heart, bouncing off the walls of my mind until suddenly they landed.

Sharply, they pierced the dark of where I was, cracking the hard ground of my heart and shifting the atmosphere. Words of divine inspiration and wisdom.

It lifted me from where I was and I began to speak new words myself. I started to co-create and use words to build my world back up. Words like hope and dream and build. Words like choice and yes and flow. Words like occupy and truth.

And as my soul lifted, my spirit flew, my mind renewed and then my body had no choice.
So I rushed along on words like, well, purpose and joy.
Wonder, gratitude and awe.

Those words woke me. Took the fog and blew it clear away.

So now I know, every wake up has a sound.
There are words that call us out of sleep.
Words that breathe into the dust, our crude forms and call us to life.

There are words that call to you, waking you from where you lie.
Is it hope, purpose, ambition?
Is it love or life or trust?.
Is it injustice, service or faith?
Go, wait, create?

Take a look inside and find the words that reach for you.
Search deep for them and go link arms.

Find what moves you. Embrace what calls you.
Then with your new words, dream again.

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