10:04Meg Cowan


My head is heavy but my heart is so light. 

So full of gratitude and honestly joy hanging out with these kids of ours. 

Yes, it's still real, and even in the Dubai desert at 40+ degrees there's parenting to do, managing hunger, fatigue and little bits of bickering but man these kids are cool. 

I can see that light of how your kids become your friends. 

They are FUNNY. So witty and quick off the mark. 
And the hilarity kicks up a notch with a splash of jetlag added in. 

G is trying desperately but still managed to lose his phone on the first flight. We were lucky to have the ground staff retrieve and return it to us while we sat waiting for our transfer at Sydney airport.

Two days later it was his travel bag with epipen, phone and sunglasses left in a friend's car. Again, he's lucky we were able to get in touch with our friend within 10 minutes and he came back with it. He's now very aware it's third strike, you're out, and we won't be helping him get it back next time so it's all on him. We'll see how that goes!

Turns out both the kids are emerging as both great photographers and posers. 
Mr Evan's is loving his new camera and has got some great shots already but an unexpected bonus is that it's beautiful watching the kids wander off together and then they return with photos of each other. 


I also feel like I'm pretty constantly being paparrazi'd but it's a small price to pay for recording all the beautiful places and memories so I'm embracing it. 

Dubai was something else.
Sweat dripping, glitterati, large scale everything. 

It was so sweet to see old friends and if it had been 5-10 degrees cooler, we would have loved to stay a couple of weeks as we barely got started on the conversations with them and had just a glimpse of what makes up the city. 

But onwards to Madrid.

We landed five hours ago and we're wrecked.
There's a one night stopover here before the 1 hr flight to Malaga tomorrow and everyone's passing out at various points in our shared double beds. Boys on one, girls on the other, we're ordering room service and then falling back asleep. 

Now all three of them are fed and sound asleep so I've taken a long hot bath and am sitting here marveling at how we're smack bang in the middle of the dream. So I'm gonna add a little sleep to this one and see what tomorrow brings...


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