Adventure Europe

Just Down The Road

10:22Meg Cowan

Ok. If you get that green feeling when someone says they're going to Europe, avert your eyes now. 

After a beautiful lunch in Vilassar de Mar with our friends we headed south towards the seaside town of Peniscola. With the kind of name that would keep 10 year old boys chortling for days, we were unsure what was in store. What we discovered was a lot like Mount Maunganui, except with a flat beach and restaurants full of retired Englishmen and their overly tanned wives. 

Five mintues past the centre, round winding corners, we stopped. Behold the view from our seaside abode. 
With a full week ahead at a spanish tradeshow and meetings with clients, we decided that we would spend an adventuring day here, and with no wifi, despite assurances from our host that we would have it, our fate was set. To the castle!.
Peniscola is a large fortified castle, built by the Knights Templar between 1294 and 1307.
We walked up and around, marvelling at centuries old stonework and the stories of brave knights and exiled popes who called it home throughout the years.

The white washed walls and narrow roads were gorgeous.

Every corner held another mystery. Every stop, the chance for learning, adventure and imagining.

After a full day of walking we dipped our toes, and more, in the Mediterranean then ate dinner at a quaint little restaurant called El Campo, tucked in the hills, who just happen to do the best sangria in town. Yes yes, it was a good day. 

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