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Memory Lane

22:04Meg Cowan

How do you suitably describe two of the most enlightening months of your life?
There is so much to write about Alcoba and our time in Spain but part of me is holding back.
I fear that if I put it into words it will become just a story, instead of the living breathing part of me that it is now. One day I will write about it more fully but for now, those memories hold a special place in my mind. They are preserved by my longing and loving of them.

The questions come thick and fast now that we're home.
How was it? Did you have the best time!. Your pictures look amazing. I'm so jealous!.
In short the answers are:
It was incredible, the best and the worst, lucky for those filters. Yeah, sorry, not sorry.

For those that want a little more expansion on that, the pictures are not really even sorted but here is a small trip through my very own memory lane, currently available only through these few images and lightly descriptive captions.

Siblings walking the streets of Alcoba at Fiesta time
Fiesta Bouncy Castle Time
Driving the 4wd on the way to the Roman ruins of Clunia
The Ruins of Clunia
E's 8th Birthday 
Just one of the 150+ chapter books E devoured while we were away.
Hail, while the air around was 25 degrees. Go figure.
One of the only times it rained the kids managed to get stuck in the downpour. 
Crab fishing at the river
Sunflowers for days
Traffic jam Alcoba style
Out and about with Uncle Mat

Uncle Mat creating a 'Flower Beard'
Watercolour classes with Paloma, a Spanish artist who happened to be our neighbour for a week.
Catching up on the construction progress.
Beauty by the wayside

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