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The Nanny

13:03Meg Cowan

There were some things we learnt on our last extended trip that we filed away for future reference. One of those gems was how essential a good nanny was to us having the ability to maintain some kind of working structure and our sanity. Still when the time came to plan for this trip the idea seemed a bit hoity toity to me. I had a lot of 'shoulds' in mind about how I ought to manage things. Although we'd had people help out with the kids for various reasons over the years, the thought of having someone that was dedicated to helping our family and caring for the kids seemed like something 'other people' did. I struggled to fully embrace this working mother balancing act and just couldn't see myself managing the impending work schedule involving days away from our Nashville base on interstate trips, along side two rambuctious primary aged children.

When the first girl we organised had to pull out due to an unexpected family situation I started to question myself. I'd had a gut feeling about her but had gone ahead anyway. Maybe this was some kind of warning of what having a nanny would be like. Maybe I could just make it work without one I tried to fool myself. Ever the realist, Mr Evans thankfully knew us better and reminded me again of how it would end up if we attempted this mad plan without someone to help us!.
And then came Emma.

Full of fun, life and travel experience. She likes gluten free/raw foods the same as we do, has worked with kids before and she convinced her mum she should pause her Uni degree to come away with us for a while. (Thank you Alex!!).

It has been a full and busy week of travel, jetlag, learning to live together, new things at every turn and then the last two days straight she's been in charge of the kids. She's absolutely rocking it with a trip to the zoo and then today to gym class. Oh, did I mention she's a whole lot of fun and has a great sense of humour?!

In a country where safety is a bit more of a concern she is vigilant and aware. She had the kids writing stories this morning as well as giving them time and space to play imaginary games.
When the kids melted down this evening at dinner and I did my best to pull things together she continued to smile, seemingly well aware that most families are a little bit mad sometimes and this was no different.

She's passed out exhausted this evening along with us but boy am I glad she's here. We're only one week in but so far we're pretty gosh darned excited about this fantastic part of our team!.

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