I am Canary. I am Kahu.


Sometimes old things come back to haunt us.

I am not broken, but my body has been bruised.
Whether I pick the years of pain or years of good health to speak of each has a message of it’s own.

But this week I’m reminded, when I forget to care or to do the things I know will help save me, it hurts to fall then have to find my way again. Such is the great paradox of health, trust and choice.

I am canary.
First to smell the toxins, first to lose my breath.
If I falter they will falter in the end.

Touch me not. Say not a word.
Every nerve burns. Every cell fires.

I speak high. A tiny yellow bird singing in the dark.
Until i have no breath to sing.
Still you see me bright.

Rush me to the surface. Find me air and sunlight.
Give me green pastures and blue sky’s so I can draw on sacred air.

I am kahu.
Soaring wide and deep.
Brooding over the land.

Guardian of space and time and mind.
Messenger child of tane.
Hovering heavy. Whispering light.

Kahu knows no bounds.
Designed for strength and span.

When I go, lay me wings wide, like a feather cloak.
Seek the way the light hits pattern.
Remind me that it’s still there
When it hides beneath my canary bright.

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