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The Summer Breeze Brings Change


These are the days that I've been missing... give me the taste, give me the joy of summer wine..
Today I'm feeling that old but pleasantly familiar desire to write again and Jamie Callum serenades softly in the background of my mind. It takes more than a brief moment to reflect on what this last month has been to us but these summer days have been full of madness and beauty.

The view from my 'office' this month.
The move from our odd little home of the last three years was well overdue. Conveniently it was Christmas and change was in the air of the coming new year. A swift shake down of all our worldly possessions saw some of the key home equipment passed to a lovely young couple on a 'long term loan'. What remains are an assortment of plastic storage boxes, dutifully labelled and stored thanks to my wonderfully accommodating Nana, (who has been affectionately labelled Old Bev by my two year old niece). She really is an angel and has opened her home to us yet again.So many of my childhood memories find their place in her home and it has been a joy to fill my memory banks with images of my children enjoying this space as well over this summer month.

Old Bev
Mr Evans has been commuting 3 hours back to Auckland for meetings and the like during the week while I work remotely and at odd hours to fit around the eating, swimming and family cavorting that is mandatory summer activity.
Blessed beyond belief barely begins to describe this summer. It has been full of giggling, running, sometimes squabbling, but mostly happy cousin activities for E and G.
One of our key reasons for extending our summer break was for all the kids to spend time together and I'm so glad. They are wildly different but the love runs deep and true with them all.

It has been my delight to watch E fill her days with book after book, raiding her Nana C's bookcases and curling up in the sun with our kitten 'My' who has been more than happily re-homed there.
G has found his place in the water, moving in leaps and bounds from timidly sitting on the edge to floating and splashing around the pool and even biscuiting behind the boat out in the depths of the beautiful lake Tarawera.

More than ever I am finding my fit with these darlings of mine. It hasn't come without an element of struggle but the new reality of having two children fully established in the primary aged years sits pleasantly with me. I am so grateful that the haze of baby and preschool days makes way for this.

I am settling into this change of pace too, a far cry from the frantic madness that last year was. Work is busy to be sure but this year I feel I am somehow altered. Letting go bit by bit of the 'shoulds' and finding the new boundary markers of my life. While I reposition metaphorically it is also a preparation for the literal move that is coming steadily closer. February brings new accommodation with Ma and Pa back in the big smoke and a few weeks of return to school for E and G. Then as the night falls on February and we step into March we head north to the USA. Three months of meeting with sales teams and connecting with our market there is in store, plus a few exciting family adventures along the way, hopefully involving Spain and other equally gorgeous sounding locations. These arrangements are all rather fluid and this point and I don't like to lock it down too much but whatever it turns out to be we are all very excited to discover whats waiting.

This of course would not be possible without the help of a nanny and we have found our very own young and cool version of Mary Poppin's who has agreed to come with us. Although I think nikes are more her style than lace up court shoes and she's on the same page with me that ' a spoonful of sugar' is not on the menu.

If it all sounds rather charmed, don't worry, it isn't all roses. There have been plenty of thorny bits along the way, one of the more piercing being walking alongside my darling friend as she laid to rest her mum in the same year as her dad. These thorny parts make me appreciate the colour and delicate nature of the unfolding beauty of our adventure so much more. Yes, life is for living and while I am already trying not to think of how much of the family we will miss while we're away, just quietly, I'm starting to get that flutter of excitement that is particular only to the turn in the road which takes you to the international airport. I think I'm getting ready to fly.

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