Kids love

In The Little Hours


Little ones come to me like shadows in the night. 
Frozen bodies slide between our sheets, demanding of all my warmth and my calm assurance that peace reigns in this house. 
Soon we are overheating, little arms and legs tangled about me.
A knee presses insistently in my back, vying for space. 
At my otherside warm breath smothers my neck, delivered through a button noise which five and a half short years ago was a greyscale picture in an ultrasound room. 
The cadence soon tells me it is time to reclaim my space and return them but I hold on a few minutes longer. I am suddenly aware that my adult children will arrive before I'm ready and this will be just a distant memory. So I breathe in rhythm and count the moment. Sacred breath of ours. Shared life, shared blood, shared loved.  
When the jousting of the day is done and the tension of tasks fades let the morning light tarry.

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