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Time for Good Love


I had thought I would soon pen a little note about the culture shock of re-entering NZ after our time away. Perhaps give comment about how the children have found re-settling into school and routine. Look back over our dream time away and reminisce about how I have felt more awakened to appreciating moments in time.

Instead I find myself gripped by images of a place that was in so many ways my dream time, now in the clutches of it's very own nightmare. While our friends in Manila are safe, their countrymen a little further south are devastated by the terror of Hurricane Yolanda (International name: Haiyan).

It has been said it maybe the greatest tropical typhoon/hurricane to ever make landfall in recorded history and I can't begin to imagine the devastion that means for the people of the Philippines. We hear statements like '10,000 may have died in the city of Tacloban alone and thousands are left homeless' and the gravity of it can pass us by as just another article on our social media feeds.

We have no other point of reference than our own experience of 'storms' and 'natural disasters'. For me that experience is close to nil and so it is hard to comprehend. I have lived through typhoon season in Asia and found the scale of them beyond that which I have ever faced in New Zealand however none that I have been touched by know even a portion of Hurricane Yolandas fury. 

In a nation where the mass don't have buildings governed by any type of building code, structures can be flimsy and prone to up and leaving even under regular high winds pressure. These areas have already faced the destruction of a major earthquake recently and add the fact that many of the areas in the storms path were coastal settlements and you have a lethal combination.

But this is not just flattened buildings. It is parents torn apart, grandparents now minus entire generations below them that they have raised only to see them swept away, childrens lives permanently and irrevocably interrupted.

This is devastation of the heart, mind and body and we cannot look away. If this becomes just another facebook story that passes in a few days without our attention and assistance it will be a crime.

I have no doubt that this will hurt for a long time and many thousands will grieve but I have also seen for myself that the Filipino people are a formidable force of their own and one that even Hurricane Yolanda cannot destroy. As the world rallies around them to bring support and begin the long process of restoration I am confident we will see a resourceful group of people arise.

Lets do all we can to help bring some relief and lets show the Philippines some 'Good Love'.

Here's one idea of a company that I know making a big difference by providing direct, immediate and effective aid. They are already on the ground in the Philippines and each Shelterbox is full of essential supplies and has multiple uses. It includes shelter and lifesaving essential supplies. They have a great video showing how a Shelterbox  makes a difference which I've added below.

I'm looking for 20 people to join me and give $50 each to help provide a full Shelterbox . Please click below to go to their appeal page then let me know. Any donation is great but it would be awesome to know when we've all done enough to provide a whole box. 

People who've read this and seen the details on facebook have now donated over $4000. I love it! Thank you all and please continue to give. I am sure that no matter where or what we give it will be gratefully received.

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