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# I am thankful


I find myself juggling more work, bigger children, clients and friends to see and lots of ideas. So many ideas my head is about to explode if I don't write them all down!. My biggest challenge has been to write them down and let them sit for a while. I am by nature a 'do'er'. I like short term projects that have maximum impact. But something I learnt while we were away is that the rest of the world will wait but childhood will not.

These darlings of mine, little pieces of my heart living and breathing in the world as tiny individuals, are a long term project. Sometimes the results seem minimal for the output required, but while I fuss over the logistics of shipping product from here to there and pricing for a new market, my children are growing and changing and if I even blink another milestone seems to pass on by. And I don't want to miss it. So I am practicing being present.

To be honest, I love my children but I'm not the kid of mum who revels in domestic duty and so I have to admit this is the hardest work I have to do. To ignore my emails, turn phones to silent, keep some kind of livable home space for them, give attention to holding my word, coaching them as they negotiate the tricky waters of emotion and social graces. Truly, this is my hardest task.
I pine a little for the days when their snuffly noses pressed against my neck, nuzzling close in the dark hours of the night. And at the same time I catch myself thinking, who pines for sleepless nights?!. But I remember thinking to myself in those midnight moments 'hold onto this thought, this window in time, for it will pass all too soon'. I wonder if it will now just be a few breaths until the wiggly teeth and skinned knees of today seem a thousand miles behind.

These days living mindfully is uber cool. It's what all the celebrities tell you to do. And we make judgements that it's fine for them with their cooks, cleaners and nannys to share the load but how on earth does your average suburban parent find time to live mindfully while managing a home, family, work and everything else that fills the days so urgently?.
Truth is, living mindfully in our house some days looks a whole lot like trying to stick to our systems of domestic organisation that will hopefully prevent a complete collapse of hygiene and order. And other days, it is in complete contradiction, and I know living mindfully in that moment will mean ignoring the piles of washing and returning to pinch lemons from the far reaches of the neighbour's tree with my little man.

It is choosing to dwell on whatever is good, noble, pure and true and picking these things above the hum of the world I find myself surrounded by. It is being thankful for what I do have, aware that these moments are short and can so quickly pass or easily be snatched away.

So in November I love that the #iamthankful campaign is on again. It draws me back to appreciation and gratefulness for the good that surrounds me. So yes, one of my children has unraveled an entire roll of toilet paper in the lounge tonight and the other has cried her eyes dry in lament over having the wrong top for school tomorrow but these are the moments and #iamthankful.

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