Kids pain

Deep well eyes


There are many many beautiful things about my life right now. Fun things and light things. Things I am eternally grateful for and things I am loving doing. But yesterday the weight of living across a different world caught up with me. The inequality and the unknown caught up with me. The girl with deep well eyes caught up with me. She was under the bridge and I have so many questions about her and others like her. This bears witness to that weight and the ensuing release. 

Heart torn with shoulders fighting drawn.
Breath of God, breath of pain,
Breathe, breathe again.

The girl with deep well eyes haunts me,
Lands away. her mother another,
Detached, distressed, absent.

So breathe again.
Breath of God, breath of pain,
Her loss, my gain.

Nimble fingers sifting rocks.
She sleeps, inside I swear she dies,
Cry I.

The midday hour chases hours gone,
Worlds apart and worlds away.
We revolve, unchanged yet ever changing.

Woven by a name, shared but unknown.
If this fighters soul could be lifted,
I pray it would land near her own.

This pain and shame interwoven, the same.
Why her, why me, why this same name?.
I am hers and somehow she is mine.

I will rest overflowing,
She will rest, unknowing.
In this space between daylight and dusk.

I look, I pray, I must.
Breathe in, breathe out.
Breath of God, breath of pain.
But look, look again.

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