Andre Family

My Sister is Amazing.


The elderly neighbour's eyes followed us as we made our way down the narrow alleyway that leads to Andre's house. Within the dark walls we unwrapped the gifts so lovingly arranged and packed by one of my darling sisters Sarah. She had spent hours in consideration about what would be helpful and worked to arrange the purchase of a mountain buggy to help Wella who was having to carry Andre everywhere.

The gifts were transported by friends returning from NZ and across oceans one mother wrote to another, encouraging her that she was doing a great job caring for her boy and telling her she understood the joys of parenting a child that doesn't configure to society norms.

We have learnt through my nephew Marco that these boys aren't just 'special'. They have superpowers. The power to make you forget your surroundings and what you were rushing about, to simply spend time doing what they love, grasping their hand, flicking your earrings or pushing a swing. The power to move you to really living in that moment that brings them joy and returns it all at once. 
The power to change the hearts of families and bind them together in a way that could have only been imagined. The power to alter your thinking and open up your heart in new uncharted ways. 
I felt so privileged to be the bridge between two mothers from two different worlds now joined by the love for their super sons.

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