Adventure America

Disney Delight


A dreamy daze of princesses, jetlag, hot days, deep fried buffet lunches and children's smiles filled our senses.

We were blessed beyond belief by a friend of a friend to be given 3 days of passes to Disneyland LA. 
It was a family holiday to remember. We walked main street, met mickey, watched incredible shows, went to Cars land, had photos with all our fav's, stood in lines and rode thrilling rides. 

The jetlag worked in our favour as we spent the first morning checking things out, took a nap, then headed back until 12am when it shut for the weekend!.
While some of it is cheesy and merchandise surrounds you at every corner, there is something very powerful about seeing what has resulted from the small seed of one mans dream. 
There is a strong company culture and we didn't have a single unpleasant encounter the entire time.

Something about being at disneyland gives you the freedom to play and as I watched Mr Evans skipping down the cobbled lane at 11pm, hand in hand with our treasures I was so glad of this week to spend time together, just playing. 

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