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While I am currently recovering from one of the most violent stomach bugs I've ever been hit with, previous to that it was a full last week, as evidenced by the mass of photos following.

There were two girls days. Firstly with my gorgeous friend Sharon and it was such a pleasure to treat her to some new clothes and a manicure. Her hands are so often extended to others and so it seemed only fitting that they got a little love. 

When I returned home E very quickly noticed my new tips and asked shyly how I had got them done. 
It was a fairly obvious hint and so the next day we had a mama and daughter day out. 
I loved the chance to snuggle with her on couch at the salon. It was her first trip to have her nails done and she loved it. She chose gold for her toes and silver for her fingers, and although gold doesn't feature on my colour palate I found myself obligingly having my toes painted at her request so we could match. She is all girl, so dreamy and delicious. 

While Mr Evans spent a day filming, the kids and I took a trip to the zoo.
It was fashioned like an Ark and some of the design elements were fantastic. 
I would have preferred something a little more spacious in terms of enclosure design for the animals and while it wasn't appalling I found myself feeling sorry for these magnificent creatures being penned in. 
Meeting Jenny the orangutan was pretty amazing. I've never dreamed of being so close to such an animal. She looked bored with the sameness of extending her hand for zoo visitors to touch and as I reached out to touch her like everybody else I couldn't help but say 'Hi Maganda' (beautiful). For a moment our eyes connected and she smiled.
I wanted to take her ridiculous singlet and shoes off her that the keeper said made her look more 'human'. He was a kind young keeper but the value of such a splendid animal seemed a little lost on him. I was captured again by the beauty of creation in her design and marveled also at my brave girl E as she reached out to touch her. 
The bottom half of the Ark also functions as a bird enclosure and I am not a bird person at all. As we stood on the ground with birds resting on perches above our head height I was eager to move onto the next section. But Miss E had other ideas and I was so proud of her as she asked to hold a parrot.

As we made our way to lunch at Tendisitas, an intriguing market area, we wound our way through the Fun Ranch. We avoided most of the rides but at only $1.50 each for the kids we indulged in the merry go round and everybody's favourite, the bumper boats.
I was reminded of my own childhood trip to Rainbows End with my wonderful dad and how he took me over and over again to my favourite ride, the dodgems and how much I loved it. 

Tendesitas had an amazing antique alley. My good little catholic school girl delighted in finding statues of mother Mary and also picked out a bird cage for her one day parrot pet. 
G was most intrigued by lunch and we found kamote chips, which were surprisingly similar to kumara fries.

A few days later and we were advised E and G were both required at their first modelling 'go see'. 
I had no idea what to expect and we walked into the Megaworld office, the home of the SM mall chain who's Christmas shoot is being prepared, to find ourselves surrounded by leggy women in short skirts and 6 inch heels and muscled young men with chiseled features.

Wesley the tall and dark, sat nearby with his willowy brunette french girlfriend wrapped around him. 
As we took our seats he said in all seriousness and full zoolander style, word for word, 'what a ridiculously good looking family you have'. I managed to refrain from laughing and said thank you graciously, all the while thinking of the multiple zoolander lines that would be appropriate in this situation but mainly, 'I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking'.

There were a few other kids floating around and we were pumped through rather efficiently. 
Stand here, look left, click, look right, click. straight ahead, click click. Thanks very much, we'll call you if we want you. 

The next day we tripped around some signage shops to get some more materials for one of our projects and the E and G loved watching the large format printers. Yup, they're definitely Mr Evans children. 

And all of this topped off by the most intense stomach bug I've ever encountered. 
With the arrival of some colloidal silver it is abating and the rest of the family have not fallen victim.
And after the last two days I am officially inducting Mr Evans into the following Hall of Fame.

He has managed the last two days magnificently. He's taken care of the kids, managed to do some of the extra filming he needed, traveled half an hour across town with the kids to pick up the aforementioned colloidal silver with the bonus of some revitalising fresh coconut water, and worked remote for some NZ clients. 
He is a legend and my absolute hero. 

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