Adventure Family

Unraveling Home


I feel that I am slowly unraveling at the seams, in  a very good kind of unraveling way.
Like all of the non essential top stitching I have added to my life over the years is beginning to come undone.

For most of our twenties we battled through dealing with my diagnosis of Chronic Pain and while we did our best to not let that rule, it did effect the way we planned for the future and lived in our day to day to some degree.
I am amazed at how much my life changed two years ago. It is nothing short of miraculous and life now really is light years from that place of foggy existence. 
But to be in this entirely different setting is quite mind blowing. It has stirred my gratitude again and  I am so thankful for this new beginning.

Our twenties were also filled with a lot of regular kind of things. We saved money, bought and sold property, had two gorgeous children and started a business, which are all fabulous things to do.
The change of job for Evan and a shift in business focus for me at the start of this year has made us re-look at all of that.
Not in a way that disdains those things, because in themselves they took courage and were wise things to do, but we have begun looking at everything with new eyes. 
And while our core values remain the same, it was time to reinvent ourselves.
We were backwards and forwards in discussions with people we love and trust and the theme of adventure and wide open spaces emerged. Among other things, the encouragement of my mum rings true. 'Anybody can be ordinary. We don't do ordinary. Go out and be great!'.

When we thought about exploring those wide open spaces it became a quite literal idea but we really didn't want to become aimless wanderers. The reality of long haul flights with small children doesn't lend itself to flitting here and there for a week or two at a time in my opinion and we wanted to explore a new culture from the inside out, not standing as window shoppers admiring what was on display but never entering in to really look, feel, and see if it fits.

So now here we are in the shop, one full week has passed and I think I'm buying in. 
I have been saying to Mr Evans, when it strikes me again how ridiculously good this climate is, that 'I could handle living in this'. To which he replies dryly, 'You are'.
I guess we really are living here. It may only be for 7 weeks but we have a home, a nanny, we are making friends, we are learning language, and I am starting to get the feeling that we are really doing this.

It has been an idea and a dream for so long and my brain is now having to change position and view things from this space. 
Yes, we miss family but we are also realising that we are family. The four of us together are a fabulous tight little unit and we are making home wherever we are.

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