Adventure Family



Mr Evans and I have been discussing lately how this adventure is affecting us as a family.

It's one thing to get to the end of your life and say, 'we changed thousands of peoples lives', but if your kids aren't standing there with you, have you really won?

Opinions differ on the 'care of one vs the greater good' debate but I would like to not sit either side. I'd like to be right up the middle on this one. I'll take the greater good with my ones standing beside me thank you very much.

We said from the start that this is a family adventure and E and G are having to roll with the changes that come day after day. 

From their early weeks in the world I have maintained a fair amount of structure in their lives and I am still a fan of little ones having some routine but this adventure is building flexibility in my rather ordered little poppets which is also an important skill. 

Some nights we sleep at 7.30, some nights 11.30. The new me waves pleasantly and smiles unconcerned as she walks down the jostling late night manila streets with children in tow, past the old me, who gasps at how anyone could have their children up so late.

I have noticed that the kids are starting to talk a little more about their friends at home and they are missing them a bit more as time passes I think. I am grateful that they are a little pair, so despite the limited playmates for them at the moment they always have each other. 

And I am grateful too for fun new friends who are happy to engage with the kids, let them climb all over them and who will be easily enticed into childish games and running races.

These days are full of dreams and prototyping new ideas too which is so very exciting. 
Yesterday I took my wonderful tagalog speaking friends with me and went seeking resources.
We taxied, walked and jeepneed our way through the local shops and elicited help from kind hearted souls as we sought out the things we needed. 

With materials gathered we returned home, shared a meal of leftovers, put the children to bed at 7 (the old me claps in celebration) and began our experimenting. 

The idea is to develop and sell a product through our business that the girls from the 'undone' post can make, thereby creating an income for them that doesn't require providing pleasure to a misguided man and breeding despair in their souls.

I have some friends who have chosen to gift seed capital for exploring these concepts and I cannot thank them enough. They have a busy and full life but despite all they have to deal with themselves they have put aside funds and put their trust in us as we seek to find some solutions for these women. I am beyond grateful and very aware of the responsibility this now brings.
But design thinking and creative strategy are what we do best so I am confident that something stunning will emerge out of this all.

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