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Rattling Locks


Nerves rattled in unison with the turning lock to our apartment door at 3.30 this morning. 

This was an unexpected guest and an unwelcome intrusion on our sleep. 
It was for the visitor a terrifying sight to be greeted callously and swiftly at the door by two half dressed but fully woken white ghosts, one with blonde hair protruding in various directions.
With friends he had embarked on an evening out which was to be followed by slumber at his aunts otherwise empty property however there were a number of things he had underestimated:
  1. His Aunt had rented the property... to us. 
  2. We are used to being woken in the wee small hours and responding swiftly.
  3. We have worked with Phil Thompson at Protect and have brains trained for action when required.
  4. I am more than fierce when I feel something isn't right.
As I yelled 'HEY' commandingly and slammed the door on him he turned to his friends, who looked to be in various states of intoxication, and I heard a chatter of tagalog.
With the initial concern for our safety managed and awareness that he was no threat to us, I re-opened the door.
Standing akimbo I demanded, 'Where did you get that key from?!'
'M, m. m, my aunt.. i am having the duplicate.. very sorry, very sorry', he replied.

Once satisfied I closed the door, somewhat gentler the second time around, and took stock with Mr Evans. What I underestimated:
  1. The time is takes for adrenalin to make it's way out of the system, hence the writing at 5.23am.
  2. I have a mind that, through years raised in a loving family and a peaceful country, assumes home is a safe place.
  3. How glad I am that I have a habit of sleeping in some form of night attire, all be it skimpy.
  4. That just because our security at the gate have 'Fort Knox' emblazoned on the front of their vests, one can't assume they will be vigilant in checking that somebody arriving in the wee small hours actually has right to be entering the premises, and they shall know my concerns once the morning light hits the building.
  5. I am more than fierce when I feel something isn't right
As we lay back contemplating the events Mr Evans checked his emails to find a note from a good friend about a superstorm passing through the Philippines. A quick check of google and we knew we were out of harms way but it was another reminder of the uncertain. 
Deep and philosophical thoughts swirl about how this all relates to our current experiences however these comparisons are best kept in my own self until daylight breaks and I can sift them more thoroughly. 

The particularly pleasant moments of the last day have been seeing my darling with his new camera, testing and trialing it's functions, preparing it for action as we begin filming to raise awareness of worthy causes. 
He has waited a long time for this and I am so pleased for him that he now holds in his hands a fabulous tool to make change and bring joy with the images he captures.
I hope everyone else enjoys the photo-fest as much as I do.

Palengke Portraits (Markets)

 Facets of my Boy

Precious Love

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