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Measured and Managed


Warning: The following may contain references to complete acts of stupidity.

Aside from all the wonderful learning and life changing experiences it has been a stressful few weeks for Mr Evans and I. As we saw it there were 3 options:
  1. Fall in a heap and cry inconsolably that we had complete upturned our lives and embarked on this trip, with no idea what we were doing and only enough money accessible to eat rice.
  2. Pray for money to fall from the sky, appear under couch cushions, materialse out of thin air.
  3. Call our parents and immediately make ourselves feel like we about 13 again, hoping desperately they'd loan us lunch money.
  4. Exploit our fair skin in this sea of beautiful brown and put our children out to work as models, however this may or may not payoff and if it did it would take some time. 
Turns out there were 5 options. 
Option 5 is by far my favourite and has had Mr Evans dancing a jig around the lounge with a slightly sheepish look on his face. 

5. Check the spreadsheet and re-tally the lines correctly, thereby removing thousands of dollars of perceived extra expenses and put ourselves well in the clear again.
Let the dancing begin!

By the way, we did decide to put the kids out to work anyway. Venturing across the city, we went into Makati (the posh part of town) today and signed them with two modelling agencies. One for mainly print and one for TV commercials. They were little troopers and smiled happily if somewhat cheesily so we'll see what comes of it.

 - The Golden city, as photographed by E out the taxi window. 

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