Food Friends

Loving Kindness


The NZ team has gone and they leave behind them a trail of kindness and laughter.

Although we didn't get to join them on all their adventures we saw enough to know that they have altered this place and been altered by it.

This band of men are true champions. They built a new bamboo school in the mountains and have changed the destiny of children and their families by making education more accessible to them.

There was the feeding programme under the bridge and the schools team have spread the anti bullying message far and wide plus the entire team pulled of a concert in the middle of Quezon city in the pouring rain, with great effect. I am amazed at the spirit of the filipino people, who love performance and stayed till the end in their hundreds, under umbrellas or simply standing drenched.

Then there was the celebration dinner. Which we thought was just at the hotel where the team have been staying but we found out when we got there that we were hoping in the vans and heading to a japanese/korean bbq style all you can eat buffet. Amazing.

It was a well deserved treat for a team of champions.

In this country where debate about corruption and the gap between the rich and poor is front page news currently, I have found myself observing both sides of the debate this past week. The thing that I've noticed though is that whether under a bridge or at a buffet, people are at their best when they smile, extend their hand in kindness and let love rule.

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