Kids Kuya

Kuya Kudos


This is Kuya John.

He is teaching us all a lot. 
Like how to punch correctly. It's some kind of right of passage for boys I'm told. 

And last night he taught me a whole lot about getting over yourself and getting on with the job. 
I thought I knew a little bit about that actually. I'm not generally a wallflower and I know a little bit about pushing through the unpleasant, but when he text in the morning and told me to come at 4pm in time for music practise I shrunk a little.

Here's the thing. I go to a really great church in Auckland that is full of incredible musicians and singers. And I have never aspired to be one of them. Sure everyone dreams that they have what it takes to win x-factor, but I'm realistic. I have plenty of talents and I've never thought to add singing to the list. 
But here in Manila the team is smaller. Kuya John and Ate Nyles are doing a lot as they get this thing off the ground and we came with the mindset that as well as adventuring and working while we are here, we would do what was needed to help them out.

And that's how I found myself holding a microphone at 6pm, fears and faults put aside, doing what was required. It may or may not have sounded good. There was no foldback so I can't tell, but it sure felt good to nudge another little insecurity further out the door of my heart.

The kids helped on hosting at the door and afterwards everyone sat around and ate donuts while E and G were passed around like little parcels of blonde wrapped in brown, from one group of people to the next. It did my mother heart good to see them chatting, smiling, making friends, playing drums, smiling again for more photos, sweeping up, smiling again and generally coping incredibly well with the whole affair.

As we exited the building into the muggy late evening and entered a street, bustling with jeepnees haphazardly crossing lanes and tooting, G rode high on Kuya Johns shoulders and I was grateful for this night and this friend.

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