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Keeping Calm


Everything else I think of to write seems inconsequential when compared to the thoughts from our night on the streets. I was also a part of a feeding programme under the bridge today which I will write about soon. It's a lot to process. The need is so great and I am convinced I must do something so I am planning to meet with Ate Sharon next week once the NZ team have gone home. One, because I felt a sister connection and I want to hear more about what has shaped her into this gorgeous lion heart kind of woman, and two, because I'm keen to talk further about some ideas around the stirrings. She has some exciting ideas around micro enterprise and I can't wait to hear more.

And so I am unsettled on one hand and yet we are beginning to feel remarkably settled here. 
We have made this little miracle house our home. It came furnished and the decor is not my style...

but the bed is comfy and I am falling into it most nights, satisfied after a long and full day. 
E and G sleep happily on the floor. It's probably the closest to camping I'm going to do with them in the foreseeable future so I hope they're appreciating it for what it is.

I am surprised at the things I am remaining calm about. There have been massive changes to what we have available to eat. Ideally we would be a 'paleo' kind of family and try to live close to that way of being. And while I have not completely abandoned my morals in this area I have allowed some serious compromise. I tut tut at myself as I say this but last night dinner came via a motorbike, courtesy of McDelivery. Mr Evans was out and it wasn't appropriate for me to take the kids out late myself so we ordered in the first thing I found online that could come within 30 minutes. 
Actually it arrived in 10 and so while we were still skyping mum we had rice and chicken, care of my least favourite take out joint. I have to say although I didn't enjoy it I was impressed that they would even offer an option like chicken and rice.

There have been upheavals to the bedtime routine. Who am I kidding?, there is no bedtime routine. Add to that the rules around TV watching have all but walked out the door along with my usual care over what they are wearing when we leave the house.
I have managed tonight to lever G's batman singlet and bright yellow shorts off him for washing. They were a cheap emergency purchase from when our bag was lost in transit and I imagined when I paid I'd regret him owning such gawdy items. However the fact that he willingly dresses himself in the morning, without my assistance, has laid those fears to rest for now and I have decided to leave a little of my fashion sense in the suitcase, next to the more stylish attire I had packed for him.

Security was one of my concerns before we left but we are getting a little more familiar with how things feel here and it's not really like I imagined. Where we live I actually feel very at ease and when we go out I am getting remarkably used to the presence of heavy artillery. What bouncy castle doesn't need a fully armed guard nearby.

We are also getting used to living with the unknown. We have a couple of major business events and expenses coming up and the forecasting doesn't look too crash hot, with cash flow the age old nemesis of business raising it's ugly head. But while we walk the line to some degree we are remarkably full of trust and know without a doubt we are supposed to be here and after the events of thursday just gone and today I am even more aware that I really have nothing to complain about.
Everything about this country and time away is moving and shaping us and I am so glad we are here.

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