Bath Kids

Bucket and Laundry Love


Hot showers, plugs for kitchen sinks, walking to the dairy, reliable internet, small sharp veggie knives. 
All things I took for granted at home but now appreciate a little more. 

We boil the kettle stove top and bucket bathe and I am amazed at how efficient this is.
Generally this is an inside activity except for monday's when the pool is closed for maintenance.

I feel like I am returning to a simpler way of life in some aspects and it is these subtle changes that seem to be shifting my heart and mind. It continues to remind me that the really important things are actually already with me, despite the 'things' I seem to not have access to.
One week into this trip and I am noticing smaller things more. Like how E's eyelashes are incredibly dark for a fair haired girl. 
How G is often looking for little things to do for me to help out, like putting shoes back when I mention that they're out and collecting the bits of paper the fan blew off the table again, and all without me asking. 

One thing I am really happy to do without is the washing. 
There is a pick up and drop off service for around $1 per large load. I can't even buy laundry detergent and run the washing machine for that price so I'm coming to terms with the highly fragranced washing that returns, ironed and folded, delivered to my door by the overly chatty laundress Lillian.
Yup, there are some things in life you can live without, and washing is one of them.

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