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55 Peso's for Chicken and Rice with a drink. That's $1.59Nzd people. 
Expect a few more pictures from this food joint, Jollibee. Yes, it's a bit cheap and nasty, but the food comes hot and did I mention it's 55 Peso's? 
Enough said really.

Another sweet thing about the food options in the Philippines is that they really do look out for people.
This run of the mill supermarket honey is just for seniors. How thoughtful.

Mr Evans was out tonight with friends who took him to a new spot to eat where he was informed that 'chicken rectum is the tastiest part of the chicken sir'. I'm well pleased that the kids and I had opted for the Disney channel movie at home and corn chip snacks. 

Note: This is not chicken rectum. It is a very delicious chicken with chilli dish. I'm quite happy if I never know what Chicken rectum looks like.

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