Adventure Ate

A Gecko and a Plan


I have a gecko living behind my tv. Sometimes he's behind the clock and last night he was in my room. His click click clicking at 1am had me wide awake only an hour after I'd crawled into bed.
He had me awake and dreaming.

It had been a full night talking with our filipino friends who really are our filipino family.
The connection has been strong for a while but last night it was forged again and it runs deep.
They are so full of love that I am astounded sometimes. They live and breathe it and are so genuine.

We talked of many things and as my gecko alarm clock chimed and woke me at after the midnight hour I mulled over it all.

This last week people have responded to my collection of thoughts that pooled and formed this post and video 'Undone'. I love the way our paths are crossing with other people who care deeply and I am inspired by these encounters. The thoughts are gathering into some kind of action plan and I await the formation of it all eagerly.

If you have been keeping up with what I've been writing and are inspired to get involved please drop me an email as I can forward more details of the plans that are coming together.

Now.. off to re-home my gecko friend outside somewhere before I settle in for the night. 

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