Art my story

Why I put some art on here


Small ones sit beside me discussing the art of true mastery in 'Paper Scissors Rock'.
They are little bits of heavens favour and part of why I have started doing what I said I would never do... blogging!.
I wanted a space where I can record our adventures but also a while back I started putting a little art up to one day explain to them, and anyone else who may be interested, what all the mess in our home is about. The paint covered rags, the smell of drying paints permeating the house, certain key songs on repeat, the office/studio tension.
So some of the art I started adding pictures of is from a while ago. But because I often paint over a piece once I've had enough of it I wanted a record somewhere. There is more to come when I get around to it. They are snippets of my story, how it has been woven so far and the work that is still in progress.
It is not about what I create, as I possess little knowledge regarding technique, but it is all about using art and art therapy to express whats going on in me. When I spent years locked up in Chronic Pain Syndrome this was one of the keys to getting free. 
It helps me to be aware of being awake and dreaming all at once. 

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