Kids Philippines

When Humidity and Humour Meet.


This warmth wraps around us. Sometimes comforting and sometimes near on suffocating. Just like we dreamed!.

Enter stage left, a conversation about the dream of travelling again. Could we take the kids with us? How would we all cope? Where would we go?
We knew it had to be warm. Simply because we are allergic to the cold!! And it had to be somewhere for a decent amount of time, that stripped away what we knew, to give us time to adventure through our hearts as well as through an unknown location.

And that's how we now find ourselves in the Philippines with G sweating like a little athlete, fresh of the playing field, but he's just lying in bed.

Sleep to date has been intermittent but the kids are adjusting. E was the only one that managed to bend herself into some kind of position that allowed for slumber in the ridiculous Cathay airplane seats. G however kept running until he crashed after 23 hours straight with no rest. 
This meant my rather undeveloped biceps had to haul him though the last hour of the flight, customs, around baggage claim while waiting for our misguided bag, into the van then to  the hotel bed.
When he woke 5 hours later completely ropable I questioned our sanity in making this trip but we convinced him to sleep again and the next wake up started with him calling out 'give me a three in a row,  Johnny got shot by a ufo. Mum, wanna play with me?. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Our reality here is blessed already. We came with just one night booked at a hotel, as things hadn't come together for the apartments we planned to rent.
The day we arrived a friend of a friends said her sister had a condo available. 2bdrm, guarded complex, lots of families, a pool and the bonus of a dangerously broken playground which the children insist is fine. So I watched, slightly nervously to check the platform didn't give way under the weight of my little athlete as he chased E over it.

The next morning we all rose at 4am local time and had a ridiculously early breakfast served with a side of family games.
The  best entertainment so far has been the view out the window. We observed the 14 complex guards at their meeting this morning in the common at 5 and felt good about where we were staying.

Our walk to the mall also made us very grateful for investing time into personal security as  we got to see almost the full range of pre-emptive signs Phil Thompson at Protect taught us, all displayed by our shady tail man as we wound our way down the streets.
Take a deep breath Ma and Nana. We are fine!, but for your reassurance and ours, we've decided we might just pay the 50 cents and catch a taxi next time.

Our suitcase however has not faired so well as us and found itself mixed up in the filipino airport system.
After 2 days in the same clothes we were glad to get the call that it has been found and is ready for collection.
All of these things find Mr Evans and I looking at each other and laughing. It is almost unbeliveable that this is life right now.
We will look to find a little more rhythm with work and the kids next week but for now everything is mabuti! (good).

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