Ate Friends

New Found Friends


Tonight we met a bunch of people who are gorgeous and full of life.
They are lead by our good friends 'Kuya' John and 'Ate' Nyles.
They have started with so little and are building a team of people that love passionately and want to change the world. And I loved hearing the heart of what they are doing. Sharing how faith has shaped and changed them but the incredible theme of putting love first. Treating people as individuals, seeing the pieces of broken lives picked up and put together through divine care and connection.
We laughed, sang, prayed, ate and played strange new filipino hand games together.
Our little ones stayed up well past any sort of respectable hour when kiwi kids would usually head off to bed but they embraced the asian way and rocked out, with Georgie on his box and chopstick drumset.
Edie retreated for a little while to the pages of her activity book but quickly emerged full of smiles for photos with her new best friends.

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