about Adventure

All You Need is Love


This year the theme for us is adventure. Adventure and wide open spaces. Dreams and bravery all orbiting around Love.

With Mr Evans leaving his permanent employment at the end of 2012, we felt that we were being led to experiment a little with how our lives looked.
For him, every day was uncertain. Freelancing took him all over Auckland and he began building a little list of clients that knew his work and called on him regularly enough to keep things afloat.
As the financial water table rose we took a bit more of a risk and launched one of our products, Remembering Books, internationally at an expo in Hong Kong.
This meant my workload was increasing but at the same time I've been reading  about lifestyle design. Thank you Mr Ferris.  And so Mr Evans and I began talking about how we could set our lives up a little differently.
What do we value? Where do we want to go? What do we want to achieve? What are the dreams the loiter in the back of our minds?
Suddenly nothing but love became certain.
We love each other, our children, our families, and our creator but we want to be better at letting that love spill out into the world  around us.
I fear even as I write it that it sounds cliché and perhaps it's my teen love of everything Beatles, but it is becoming more  and more obvious to us that everything of the world will fade in time and we want to have things that last.
My care for the stuff that surrounds us is diminished and I want to build a treasury of memories and heart connections.
And it feels just like being awake and dreaming all at once. So let it be.

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